Striving For Acceptance Into A Nursing School?

Our tutors will help your prepare for the admittance exams. She will also guide you through nursing schools and tutors the licensing exam.


The National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Exam is one of the most common entrance exams for those seeking acceptance to nursing school. There are two different types of NLN exams: RN and PN.

With three separate sections (verbal skills, math, and sciences), the NLN exams are typically 3 hours long and have time limits to for each part. The entire exam is in a multiple-choice format. At Pearl Learning Group, we have the resources and skills to help you succeed. Practice tests, an understanding of the type of questions and methods to tackle each section will help you be prepared for the big day.  We suggest that you schedule tutoring services a couple months before the actual exam, to ensure ample time to prepare and become familiarized with the test.

  • Course Content Preparation
  • Psycho Pharmacology
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing 1, 2, 3
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Fetal and Maternal Health
  • Pediatric Nursing/Child Health Nursing


If you are ready to translate the nursing skills you’ve learned during your academic career and make them applicable in real life, you must register for either the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN exam. NCLEX stands for the National Council Licensure Examination. This standardized exam is used across the United States to test whether you are prepared for entry-level nursing practice. The NCLEX-RN exam is right for you if you are a graduate of a registered nursing program whereas the NCLEX-PN is a better fit for practical and vocational nursing graduates.

Passing this test is critical for any aspiring nurse’s career, which is why we will guide you through every step. We recommend beginning tutoring at least 2-3 months before the actual exam. We will reveal the best test-taking strategies for each exam and will help you become familiar with the exam’s layout. An understanding of your weaknesses will enable us to help you face them head on and conquer them so that you are 110% prepared for exam day.

To register for either exam, reach out to your board of nursing/regulatory body (BON/RB) and ask for a licensure/registration application. Be sure to seek your application from the BON/RB in the state where you are seeking licensure or registration as the requirements can vary from state to state.